1. Application is open only to S’pore Govt Staff Credit Co-op Society members’ children who are currently enrolled in local institutions or universities.


2. Members must have at least 12 months of continuous membership with the Society to qualify for application.


3. Only 1 award shall be given per family (in the event that both husband & wife are members).


4. Children who are in receipt of any bursary/educational awards from other organizations are not eligible to apply for the awards.


5. Applications must be attached with photocopies of: 
a) Child’s birth certificate;
b) Child’s final examination results of 2018;
c) Latest payslip of member.


6. Pre-U / JC, Polytechnic, & University applicants must submit the application with the above papers before the closing date. In addition, a letter of confirmation of admission from the Institution is to be submitted before 30 May 2019 to the Society. The 2nd Language 'AO' Level result slip is also to be submitted.


7. Pre-U / JC, Polytechnic, ITE & University applicants who are already in the 2nd semester & onwards are not eligible to apply.


8. All documents submitted will be retained by the Society. Any applicant who fails to produce the relevant documents together with his/her application will not be considered.


9. The value of awards and eligibility criteria for various levels are as follows:

Level of Education Award Eligibility Criteria
A) Primary 4 to 6 $100.00 Passed/Admitted in 2019
B) Secondary 1 to 4 $150.00 Passed/Admitted in the Special, Express, Technical & Normal streams in 2019
C) GCE "O" Level $200.00 Qualify to sit for “O” Level in 2019
D) ITE $200.00 Admitted to ITE in 2019 after passing “N” level
E) ITE (Thru' "O" Level) $250.00 Admitted to ITE in 2019 after passing “O” level
F) Pre-U/JC/Poly $300.00 Passed “O” level & admitted in 2019
G) University Level $1000.00 Admitted to a local public university

10. Application forms must be duly completed and be endorsed by the relevant schools/educational institutes and submitted before 30th APRIL 2019.

Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.


11. The successful applicants will be duly informed through letter. The decision of the Committee of Management is final. No further correspondence shall be entertained before, during and after the awards are made.


Please click here to Download a Bursary Awards 2019 Application Form and mail it to us.