The main objectives of the Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-Operative are:


  • Promote savings for the future
  • Maximize growth on money saved with the Society
  • Provide financial security
  • Receive term/fixed deposits for better returns
  • Provide better socio-economic facilities
  • Offer loans at reasonable interest rates
  • Many other privileges


We are a non profit organization. We care and share. We provide the necessary facilities for our members to save for a bright future and at the same time we also help members who are in financial need by granting loans with low interest and on reasonable terms. Our members enjoy maximum returns in the form of dividends, cash returns and other benefits for saving with us.


The Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd is the first co-operative organization to be registered in Singapore. Founded on 7th October 1925 under the Co-Operative Societies Act, the Society is open for membership to all staff who are employed in the Civil Services, Statutory Boards and in Government Owned Companies.



A caring & reliable credit co-operative for your financial support and more.



To encourage thrift and help members to save for a bright future and to build a strong bond between the members and the Society so as to instill a sense of belonging.