Subscriptions Savings is compulsory. Monthly contribution shall be through salary check-off. If there is no salary check-off, payment can be made through GIRO.

  • The minimum amount of contribution shall be as follows:
Member’s gross monthly Salary Minimum monthly Subscription
Above $2,000/- $50/-
Between $1,500/- and $2,000/- $40/-
Between $1,000/- and $1,500/- $20/-
Below $1,000/- $10/-


  • Members are not allowed to withdraw the subscription during the membership.
  • The Society pays dividends annually on Subscription Account.
  • The rate of dividend declared annually by the Society falls between 2% to 5%.
  • Dividends shall be credited into the member's Specific Deposit Savings Account and can be withdrawn upon request.
  • However, upon cessation of membership e.g. resignation, retirement, the entire amount remaining in the member's subscription account shall be refunded.