Eligibility for Loan

  • Be a member of the Society
  • Submit latest payslip with Loan Application Form
  • Submit ORD Letter ( Applicable for Uniformed Personnel )


Loan Amount

  • 6 times of gross salary or $50,000/- whichever is lesser.


Repayment Period

  • Repayment period shall be between 12 months and 48 months, in equal monthly installments.




2 Sureties


  • The borrower shall provide 2 sureties who are ordinary members of the Society and who are willing to sign jointly or severally as sureties for the loan. In the event that the borrower defaults in repayment of the loan, the outstanding loan amount shall be recovered from the sureties.


Overlapping Loan

  • Members may apply for a further loan even before a previous loan is fully repaid.


Please click here to download a Surety Loan Application Form and mail it to us.

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