Membership of the Society shall be open to all monthly paid permanent and contract employees(and, subject to By-law 9.10.1 below) ex-employees of Government Departments, Quasi-Government bodies & private companies wholly owned by Government.


The Committee of Management may admit the spouse of the member as a Family Member of the Society. Family Members shall not be eligible to vote, to hold office or to stand surety for any loan. They shall agree to pay such minimum monthly subscription through inter-bank Giro or other means as the Committee may accept. They shall be accorded such privileges and shall be bound by such Terms and Conditions or Rules and Regulations as the Committee may decide from time to time. Family members with no regular income shall be eligible for loans up to his actual amount of paid up subscriptions and savings, whichever is the less. Their membership shall cease on cessation of the membership of his spouse under By-Law 9.1.


An individual person applying for the membership of the Society shall:
(a) have attained the age of sixteen years;
(b) be of good character;
(c) be a citizen of Singapore or Permanent Resident of Singapore;
(d) not already be a member of any other Society whose primary object is to grant loans to its members;
(e) not be legally or mentally disabled;
(f) not be an undischarged bankrupt; and
(g) not be convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment..



Application for membership shall be submitted on a form prescribed by Committee subject to charge of entrance fee as specified in By-Law 8.1 provided that such payment shall be refunded where an application for membership has been rejected.


Admission to membership shall be considered by the Committee subject in the case of rejection, to an appeal to a general meeting. The Committee shall have power to accept or reject an application without assigning any reason.


For admission to membership by the general meeting a majority of two-thirds of those voting shall be necessary.


The approval or rejection of any application shall be notified to such applicant without delay.