• Members of the Society are eligible for loans.
  • Any member wishing to apply for a loan shall submit an application on the form prescribed by the Society along with copy of NRIC and Pay Slip.
  • S1 letter to be attached for SAF employees only.
  • Loans shall be granted to members for the purpose of:
  • 1. Children’s educational needs;
  • 2. Traveling;
  • 3. Medical expenses;
  • 4. House renovation;
  • 5. Furnishing homes;
  • 6. Purchase of equipment; 7. Baby procreation.
  • 8. Marriage;
  • 9. For any other reasons that are acceptable to the Committee of Management;

Scheme of Loan

  • Depending on the terms and conditions, members may apply for loan under the following scheme:
  • Loans shall only be disbursed to a member after complete executions of the necessary documents.
  • Monthly repayment (Principal & Interest) by members are paid by deduction from the monthly salary through their respective employers.

For loan enquiries, please contact our Society and speak to our customer service officers.