Annually, the society gives away bursary for members' children under the Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-operative Bursary Educational Award.



  • Applications are opened to members, whose children are enrolled in a local public institution or university.
  • Members must have 12 months of continuous membership with the society to qualify for application.
  • Only one child per family is eligible for the award.



  • The value of awards for each level are as follows:
Level of Education Award Eligibility Criteria
A) Primary 4 to 6 $100.00 Passed/Admitted in 2018
B) Secondary 1 to 4 $150.00 Passed/Admitted in the Special, Express, Technical & Normal streams in 2018
C) GCE "O" Level $200.00 Qualify to sit for “O” Level in 2018
D) ITE $200.00 Admitted to ITE in 2018 after passing “N” level
E) ITE (Thru' "O" Level) $250.00 Admitted to ITE in 2018 after passing “O” level
F) Pre-U/JC/Poly $300.00 Passed “O” level & admitted in 2018
G) University Level $1000.00 Admitted to a local public university


  • Applications are opened from 2nd January to 30th April each year. Further details will be made available via our Newsletter.
  • For further enquiries, please contact our office.