Membership is Open to Public Officers of the Singapore Civil Service, Statutory Boards & Government Linked Companies. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.



  • All new members must pay a one time non – refundable fee of $10 /-.
  • Contribution towards Subscription Account is compulsory for all members. The minimum amount of contribution shall be as follows:


Member’s gross monthly Salary Minimum monthly Subscription
Above $2,000/- $50/-
Between $1,500/- and $2,000/- $40/-
Between $1,000/- and $1,500/- $20/-
Below $1,000/- $10/-


  • To apply for membership Submit membership application form available on this website. 


Mode of Payment

  • Once the membership application is approved, the Society shall make arrangements for salary check-off.
  • Monthly payments due to the Society by members shall be through salary check- off by their respective employers.
  • For Payment through GIRO (Applicable only if there is no salary check-off). To download GIRO form Click here.


Terms of Family Membership

  • Family members are allowed loans only on their subscription savings
  • Family members are not allowed to stand surety.


Please click here to download a Membership Application Form and mail it to us.

Please click here for Online Membership Application Form.