Family Membership

Members may enroll their family to be members of the Society so that the family can also enjoy all the benefits of the Society e.g Hospitalization Benefits, Travel Subsidies etc.


Requirements to be family member:

  • Citizen of Singapore or permanent resident of Singapore;
  • Not a member of any other Credit Co-operative;
  • Not an undischarged bankrupt.



  • All new family members must pay a one time non – refundable fee of $10 /-
  • Contribution towards Subscription Account is compulsory for all family members. The minimum amount of contribution shall be as follows:


Member’s gross monthly Salary Minimum monthly Subscription
Above $2,000/- $50/-
Between $1,500/- and $2,000/- $40/-
Between $1,000/- and $1,500/- $20/-
Below $1,000/- $10/-


  • Application for membership shall be submitted on a form prescribed by the Society.
  • Family members shall not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Admission to membership shall be subject to consideration and approval by the Committee of Management.
  • The approval or rejection of any application shall be notified to such applicants without delay.


Mode of Payment

  • The collection for subscription, savings and other dues from family members shall be collected from the members' salary check-off.

Loan and Surety

  • Family members are not allowed to take loans amounting to more than their Subscription savings. In addition, family members are not allowed to stand surety.

  Please click here for Download a Family Membership Application Form and mail it to us.

  Please click here for Online Family Membership Application Form .